Nuñez Murdock

Elena 's Special Set of Skills

  • Fundraising
  • GTM Strategy
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Public Relations
  • Scaling
  • Thought Leadership

Elena 's Rise

As the founder and CEO of Ascend PR, Elena has dedicated her career to the communications field and has experience in key leadership roles identifying and resolving complex issues that face firms in industries from green tech, and manufacturing, to media to consumer products. Her clients range from well-known D2C brands, venture capital, search funds,  private equity firms, family offices, and their portfolio companies. She has helped connect companies and funds to over $180 million in capital 


Elena has contributed her vast expertise in the VC space as well, even contributing to the industry lingo with “tech you can touch,” a phrase commonly used in the vernacular by seed-stage VCs.


At Ascend Public Relations, Elena’s staff consists of former executive editors from The New York Times Style Magazine to The Wall Street Journal Magazine to Emmy-nominated producers and more. Through the myriad partnerships that have formed at Ascend PR, clients have reached subscribers of some of the most popular media outlets in the print, digital, and podcast  space. Including the Joe Rogan Experience, WSJ Secrets of Wealthy Women, Bloomberg, and CNBC, to name a few. 

Professional Superpower

Elena’s experience doesn’t stop in the VC and PR spaces — she’s even ventured into an Executive Producer role for the scripted podcast Hoax: The Sherri Papini Story, which has gone on to NBC Dateline and NBC’s True Crime Oxygen Network.

Personal Superpower

She’s about to be the youngest Latina to serve on the board of a public company — an achievement she knows is possible for even more women like her.

What Drives Elena

Elena wants women to reach the same level of success that she has and knows that having mentors throughout her career was the key to achieving her career milestones.

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