About Us


From the minds behind the Female Founder Collective, comes THE NORTH — the first platform that puts the most influential women in business, on speed dial.



Through our dedication to the Female Founder Collective, we found two truths and one lie. The First Truth: Women in business are busy. The Second: We exert a tremendous amount of our time on unpaid efforts — at both ends of the spectrum. Those at the top, struggle to find time to give back. While those making the climb, lack the time it takes to grow their expertise. And nobody’s getting compensated for either. The lie: There’s nothing we can do about it. Enter: THE NORTH, an initiative dedicated to establishing the true value exchange needed to support founding women in business across the spectrum of success. With one solve, established founders are financially rewarded for the value of their time, while future founders unlock immediate, immeasurable access to the resources they need to grow — and grow quickly. Our one shared goal: Powering us all to become the rich women we deserve to be.



THE NORTH connects an influential roster of leading executives across multiple industries, with the future founders of tomorrow. In an initiative built to bridge powerful industry expertise and access, our platform allows tomorrow’s leaders to find and book one-on one time with the expert advisors, investors, consultants or short term project aid they need to answer their immediate business goals and needs. Each of the founders on our advisory board will donate two hours of their own time to the initiative, before being made available for paid consultation. To get in on all the riches that await — simply browse our book of advisors and set up a meeting as soon as today.



If you’re a successful entrepreneur, you’re sitting on a wild mountain of information. Be it filled with lessons, learnings, contacts, skills, or strengths — the knowledge you have at your disposal to is not typically knowledge that can be bought, or borrowed. But, what if it could? By joining THE NORTH, you’re not only unlocking the door for other ambitious women to help reach the same level of success, but you’re creating new opportunities for yourself in parallel. Being an advisor allows you to earn money for your own hard-earned experience, while tapping into unlimited opportunity streams — from uncovering your next big project or investment, to simply being connected to an ecosystem of extraordinary women working to run the world. The best part is: You’re in total control of the time you commit and the price you set. We’ll let you tell us what the downside is.