CEO, Phat Buddha

Alissa's Rise

The New York real estate scene (and it was a scene) was where one might have found Alissa back in the mid-2000s. As a born-and-raised New Yorker, Alissa knew all too well how easy it could be to slip into a culture of high-stakes deals, and parties — she was doing it all until a pivotal moment of realization. It was in 2011 that Alissa decided to change her life and launch a Global Active Fashion Brand, Phat Buddha.

Saying farewell to her New York City lifestyle, Alissa flew to Hawaii to begin a three-month intensive yoga training. From there, she merged her passion for the practice into the household name, Phat Buddha. The mission of the brand is to empower women; fitting every BODY, shape, size, and figure, demographic and ethnicity. - (she graduated from Stern School of Business at 19) into the world-renowned activewear company, Phat Buddha.

Professional Superpower

With a comeback story like Alissa’s, she has transformed her life and career and become an expert in the wellness industry. The mission of the brand is to make women feel that they could achieve their goals by forecasting partnerships. Influencers, and industries across the board and thereby giving them a runway for success. Alissa donates a portion of each collection to charity.

Personal Superpower

Alissa knows firsthand what it’s like to have a vision and succeed, and she uses her experience to inspire and enable women to reach their goals.Alissa has a personal mantra that she holds true by, ‘it is not failure that determines a person’s worth but how that person picks herself up and moves on.

What Drives Alissa

Mentoring and watching women succeed in their industries gives Alissa a sense of pure joy — and she only hopes to continue to share her wealth of knowledge with those starting on a new career path.

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