Henry Aver

Executive Creative Director, Letter A

Allison's Special Set of Skills

  • Brand Strategy
  • Copywriting & Storytelling
  • Creative Direction
  • Graphic Design
  • Photography
  • Packaging

Allison's Rise

Allison is a Creative Director and brand builder specializing in building lifestyle brands in the fashion, beauty, kid, and CPG spaces. She currently runs Letter A, a branding agency based in Portland, Oregon. At Letter A, she specializes in working with emerging brands that are looking for personality, purpose, and point-of-view. 

Prior to Letter A, Allison led multiple in-house creative marketing teams, building (or rebuilding) brand strategies and identities for category-leading brands, including Bumble and bumble, Vogue, Kate Spade New York, Casetify, and Tea Collection. She was also the founding Brand Creative Director for the cult brand Kate Spade Saturday.

One of the qualities that makes Allison’s work stand out is its longevity. In an era when brands feel the need to reinvent themselves every year, she builds foundations that can stand the test of time. Her eye for timeless tone manifests in every project she works on, most notably in her 2015 rebrand for Anne Taylor, which is still in use. 

Professional Superpower

Allison’s feel for timeless design is unmatched in the fashion, beauty, kid, and CPG spaces.

Personal Superpower

Allison is the queen of versatility. From brand strategy to photography, she can do it all.

What Drives Allison

With years of experience working with top-tier brands in the fashion, kid, and beautiful spaces, Allison has learned how to bring brands to life consistently across all channels.

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