Founder & CEO, Alala

Denise's Special Set of Skills

  • Bootstrapping
  • Brand Strategy
  • DTC / E-Commerce
  • Marketing
  • Partnerships
  • Product Manufacturing

Denise's Rise

Before Denise founded Alala, she spent years working for the retail legend Chris Burch. While there, she learned the ropes of launching companies and growing brands from the ground up. Originally from Singapore, Denise considers herself an eternal student of the world, and constantly draws inspiration from the people she meets around the world.

A passionate entrepreneur, Denise founded and currently serves as the CEO of Alala, a wardrobe-centered brand for diverse women seeking a timeless and body-inclusive sophisticated style. To carry out her vision for Alala, Denise knew that she needed to build a team of talented women who shared in her vision,  — and together, they’ve turned Alala into a thriving, self-funded brand.

Professional Superpower

Denise built Alala from nothing — and today, it’s a multi-million dollar business. Through her leadership, she has been selected as one of Well & Good’s Wellness Changemakers and has gotten her product onto the shelves of many major retailers.

Personal Superpower

As an immigrant and woman of color, Denise is committed to mentoring aspiring female founders and believes there is room at the top for all of them.

What Drives Denise

Denise knows firsthand what it’s like to start a business alone. She hopes that her guidance can guide women, entrepreneurs, in ways that she never experienced, and hopefully, her advisees can bypass the mistakes she made!

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