Founder, Phoenix Brand Consultancy

Victoria's Special Set of Skills

  • Brand Innovation
  • Brand Strategy
  • Business Development
  • Community Building
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Growth Marketing

Victoria's Rise

Victoria Gassmann is a strategist, feminist, and founder. As a former Brand Manager at a tech startup, she knows firsthand the devotion required to build a successful business from the ground up. 

However, when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, her world turned upside down as investors pulled out, and she lost her job. Rather than being discouraged, she saw this as an opportunity to pursue her own entrepreneurial dream.

Determined to make a difference for other like-minded entrepreneurs, she founded her own business – Phoenix Brand Consultancy – where she focuses on helping early-stage startups develop into thriving businesses. Driven by the statistic that only 2% of all VC funding goes to women-led startups, Victoria believes that women have the potential to change the world – you just have to let them.

In 2022 alone, Victoria’s clients raised over $12.5MM in pre-seed and seed funding. Built on her commitment to generating real impact for female entrepreneurs, Victoria is uniquely positioned to change the entrepreneurial landscape for female founders. 

Professional Superpower

With a uniquely powerful combination of logic, creativity, and empathy, Victoria is a force to be reckoned with in the startup world.

Personal Superpower

Victoria's attentive listening and emotional intelligence create a safe and supportive environment, allowing those around her to feel heard and acknowledged.

What Drives Victoria

Victoria is committed to helping establish a true value exchange for women in business. She’s committed to creating equal opportunities for underrepresented founders and a firm believer in intersectional feminism. Her work with The North will be a game-changer for women in business.

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