Founder, The Gearworks Group | Formerly: Tesla, nuclear fusion, biotech

Raquel's Special Set of Skills

  • Brand Strategy
  • Operations
  • Establishing KPIs
  • Product Manufacturing
  • Engineering
  • Organizational Culture

Raquel's Rise

When it’s time for a Founder to get serious about taking their product idea to the next level, it’s crucial to get insightful, actionable guidance from someone with demonstrated expertise and a proven track record. Raquel has all of that and more. From Tesla – where she led the mass-market battery program – to emerging deep-tech startups, she has built a reputation as a trusted operator, partner, and advisor to impact-driven organizations. With a background in both engineering and business, she has spent her career launching some of today’s most challenging climate technologies.

As the Founder of The Gearworks Group, Raquel is now helping companies generate outsized impact through focused systems-thinking. When she starts working with a new client, her initial goal is simple: create extreme clarity in vision, roadmap, and execution. From there, she is equipped to guide Founders from concept to market, all while maximizing the impact of any single business decision.

Professional Superpower

Having the vision and conviction to get from Point A to Point B as fast as possible.

Personal Superpower

Seeing alternatives to the status quo, in work and in life.

What Drives Raquel

Finding ways to use capitalism as a tool for positive climate and social impact.

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