Retail Growth Strategist/Consultant/Founder, CGZ Consulting

Cristin's Special Set of Skills

  • Balancing Motherhood & Career
  • Forecasting
  • Merchandising
  • Retail Operations
  • Retail Strategy
  • Revenue Growth

Cristin's Rise

A strategic leader with 15+ years of experience working with leading luxury retail companies, mid-, and mass market retailers, Cristin has been recognized for her unique and high-level skillset. With a mind for innovation and an eye for growth, Cristin has constantly found new methods to unlock value, drive sales, and evolve business models in an ever-changing retail landscape. Her expertise has led to a direct yearly revenue increase of over $8 million for several of the companies she's been involved with.


With her collaborative spirit, Cristin launched CGZ Consulting and has partnered with digitally native brands on strategic point of entry into the brick-and-mortar wholesale market and developed their route-to-market strategy.

Professional Superpower

Cristin has exemplified a strong history of consistently finding new methods to unlock value, drive sales, and evolve business models in an ever changing retail environment. She is currently looking to partner with retail companies to develop customized, differentiating solutions that drive profitability and increase brand visibility.

Personal Superpower

Cristin embodies the essence of an efficiency specialist, adeptly establishing priorities and excelling. Whether it's skillfully overseeing two active boys at home or orchestrating $60 million in sales for national beauty brands, Cristin consistently seeks out the most streamlined solutions, optimizing both time and financial resources.

What Drives Cristin

Knowledge is power. Sharing and leaning on other female founders only enhances our collective abilities and positions us for future success. Cristin is here to provide guidance on anything from retail expansion strategies to motherhood, in hopes of making someone else's life a little easier.

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