Founder, JSR&Co

Jennifer's Special Set of Skills

  • Brand Innovation
  • Brand Strategy
  • Product Design
  • Product Development
  • Product Manufacturing
  • Strategic Planning

Jennifer's Rise

After spending 20 years excelling in the beauty industry – including a decade as a key product development leader with Estée Lauder – Jennifer leapt at the chance to carve out her own niche in a competitive and constantly evolving business. By founding JSR&Co, she has created a space where she can use her experience to help clients of all sizes navigate their journeys from conception and early development through post-launch growth. 

As a leader in sustainable beauty product development, Jennifer’s mission is to help brands get “unstuck” by using an innovative mindset to find common ground between what is good for business and what is good for the world. From HAUS Laboratories to Rosebud Women to AppleDoll, she has demonstrated a commitment to helping clients get on the path of creativity, innovation, and sustainability – all with the goal of aligning vision and values.

Professional Superpower

Jennifer’s wealth of experience lets her provide an absolutely unique perspective on where the beauty industry has been and where it is going.

Personal Superpower

If you can dream it, you can create it – and Jennifer never stops dreaming.

What Drives Jennifer

Some entrepreneurs think they have to sacrifice their values in order for their businesses to succeed. Jennifer is passionate about helping clients realize that if their businesses stand for what they believe in, everything will fall into place.

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