Grillo Aruz

Founder, Aruz Ventures

Melissa's Rise

Before entering the VC world, Melissa was a senior operator for 15 years and served as the first Director of Grown & Marketing at Gilt Groupe (during its massive growth period, at that). With a wealth of knowledge and experience in the agency space, Melissa’s diverse background has positioned her to deeply appreciate and understand what makes businesses thrive.

Once she entered the VC space at Forerunner Ventures, where she spend 6+ years, Melissa worked closely with and advised huge brands from Glossier to J.Crew to Warby Parker and more.

Today, as the founder of Aruz Ventures, Melissa continues to work with agencies and brands to give her expertise and unique perspective across industries, from fashion to healthcare to petcare and more.

She has been featured on Marie Claire’s New Guard List, and the Create & Cultivate 100. Melissa holds a BA from Trinity College-Hartford.

Professional Superpower

She has been featured on Marie Claire’s New Guard List as well as the Create & Cultivate 100, and serves as a Board Member at Triskelion Arts and Inness.

Personal Superpower

Melissa recognizes that having access to resources is a privilege — and a gap she strives to close.

What Drives Melissa

Knowing that her perspective and experience can help even more women start their own businesses keeps Melissa motivated.

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