Founder, Made by Minds

Ozlem's Special Set of Skills

  • Brand Innovation
  • GTM Strategy
  • Digital Marketing
  • Sustainability 
  • Brand Strategy
  • Health Coaching

Ozlem's Rise

With a multidisciplinary background including consumer goods, fashion, technology, health, and wellness, Ozlem excels in brand revitalization and digital transformation. Over two decades in marketing, branding, and leadership roles, she has built her career on a foundation of innovative strategic thinking, fueled by a passion for empowering brands and people. 

As a strategic innovator, Ozlem has driven growth strategies for global brands like Cornetto and Knorr at Unilever and reimagined the Polaroid brand for the digital age, achieving a 20% sales uplift through strategic narrative shifts and digital engagement. She also guided Scotch & Soda through significant growth, solidifying its presence in new markets.

Now, as the Founder of Made by Minds, Ozlem is focused on strategic brand identity, compelling content creation, and innovative marketing strategies to drive growth and engagement. She helps businesses sharpen their value propositions, understand their target markets, and tackle marketing challenges with confidence.

Professional Superpower

Agility and adaptability. In today’s market, the ability to adjust your strategies quickly can be the difference between success and failure.

Personal Superpower

Empowering people to reach their highest potential.

What Drives Ozlem

Ozlem is dedicated to promoting healthy living and helping others to achieve their wellness goals.

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