Co-founder, Refinery29 & 29Rooms

Founder & Head Magic Maker, Wild Things World

Piera's Special Set of Skills

  • Brand Innovation
  • Creative Direction
  • Brand Partnerships
  • Brand Strategy
  • Bootstrapping
  • Event Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Building A Culture of Creativity & Innovation

Piera's Rise

As the creator of one of the most innovative brands and brand activations of all time — Refinery29 and 29Rooms, Piera has dedicated her career to identifying and developing creative talent while building a brand that celebrates women in all their multitudes. Her passion for creativity and the power of storytelling has led her to direct industry-shaking executions at the intersection of art and activism, working with clients from the ACLU to GLAAD to Planned Parenthood.

Piera’s impact on the industry has been recognized by some of the most prominent publishers, with accolades as one of Ad Age’s 50 Most Creative People of the Year, and Adweek’s Creative 100. Additionally, Piera has delivered compelling keynotes at SxSW, INBOUND, and Creative Mornings. Today, Piera is using her creativity to head up a new project, Wild Things World, delivering experiences and products that support creative play.

Professional Superpower

Piera is relentless in her talents for brand building and developing creative talent across industries.

Personal Superpower

Piera lives with a zest for life, weaving creativity and playfulness into her life and making the mundane magical.

What Drives Piera

When first starting her own business, Piera wished that she had more mentorship and guidance to see her through the ups and downs of being a female entrepreneur. She hopes to be the resource that she wishes she had, and knows her experience can positively affect her mentees.

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