Founding CEO, The Ember Company and GP, The Ember Fund

Avani's Special Set of Skills

  • Brand Strategy
  • Fundraising
  • Leadership Development
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Investor Sourcing
  • Organizational Culture
  • Scaling

Avani's Rise

Avani wants you to remember that everything is a ten-year overnight success. As the Founder and Co-CEO of the Ember Company and a Founding General Partner of the Ember Fund, she has years of experience in the startup world. There is no part of the startup world that Avani hasn’t had a hand in. She’s taken it as a founder, advisor, mentor, and investor - just to name a few.

She takes her role as an advisor very seriously, advising hundreds of entrepreneurs through her work with Ember, Harvard Business School, and other organizations. 

Prior to Ember Co., Avani had a career as a corporate attorney with Arent Fox LLP and Brown Rudnick where she worked on multi-billion dollar mergers. Yes, that’s billion with a B. She also founded a men's and women's contemporary clothing label when she was in law school, so she knows what it’s like to sit on both sides of the table. 

She holds an MBA from Columbia University, a JD from The Northwestern University School of Law and a BA from Loyola University.

Professional Superpower

Many have networked, but very few have networked like Avani, who has built a network of over 500 advisors to work with our portfolio companies.

Personal Superpower

Avani has an eye for opportunity. Her fund focuses on niche opportunities with a significant market share in a growing market. This is because she believes that although they might be niche products currently, they will actually develop to be considerable opportunities.

What Drives Avani

Avani’s approach is intentional and built on connection. When she says partnership, she means it. Avani’s goal is always to understand her client’s business as if it were her own so she can give them precise and targeted resources toward sustainable growth.

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