Founding Partner, The Pod

Christina's Special Set of Skills

  • Strategic Planning
  • Compliance
  • DTC / E-Commerce
  • Financial Modeling
  • Organizational Culture
  • Operations

Christina's Rise

Christina’s path is a demonstration of how being open to twists and turns can help you land exactly where you are meant to be. After being hired as the first female VP at a major general contractor in New York City, she pivoted to serving as a finance leader at notable startups including Harry’s, Bonobos, and Gilt Groupe. From there, Christina made another shift, this time to Operations and Leadership. She co-founded VEGAMOUR, where she continued to develop her skills in scaling operations, culture development, and strategic vision. 

With multiple C-suite roles under her belt – including CEO of Fancy Sprinkles – Christina once again felt the pull of entrepreneurship and founded The Pod, a management consulting firm. At The Pod, she is focused on guiding startup leaders through the inherent challenges of both accelerated and steady growth states. 

Professional Superpower

Creating trust and positively charged productivity.

Personal Superpower

Bringing people together.

What Drives Christina

Using her wide range of experience to help other Founders navigate their entrepreneurial journeys.

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