Advisor, Courtney Flint Media Advisory

Courtney's Special Set of Skills

  • Advertising
  • Brand Innovation
  • Brand Partnerships
  • Brand Strategy
  • Creative Direction
  • Digital Marketing

Courtney's Rise

Courtney Flint knows that the best marketing and advertising is rooted in truth. As such, Courtney helps entrepreneurs figure out what is true for their brand.

An expert in creating and implementing comprehensive growth strategies for emerging and established brands, Courtney has developed a keen understanding of how to amplify brand messaging across all media channels and within ever-evolving consumer landscapes.

Leading media strategy and partnership for GUCCI, one of the largest global luxury brands for over 17 years. Specifically, Courtney led the North American Omni-channel Media Strategy for GUCCI with the creative direction change under Alessandro Michele. With her advertising leadership, the new brand direction was successfully communicated, and business revenue exponentially grew by over 2x adding +1.9 billion in revenue!

Professional Superpower

Courtney is known for her signature integrity-driven approach to usher brands like GUCCI through exponential year-over-year growth while streamlining processes, cultivating a collaborative workplace environment, and establishing deep relationships within the media industry.

Personal Superpower

Courtney has always had a unique ability to help brands speak directly to their ideal buyers. With this ability, she built a paid social media strategy into an always-on activity channel for branding, drive-to-retail, client prospecting, and client retention goals.

What Drives Courtney

Courtney does all she can to aid brands in achieving maximum growth potential. For example, she started an influencer gifting and activation strategy for North America, with over 50+ influencers engaged annually with regularly earned media value of +$70k and an engagement rate of +2% on average.

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