Founder & CEO, Hatch Labs

Eva's Special Set of Skills

  • Product Development
  • Software Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • AI 
  • Product Strategy
  • Technology

Eva's Rise

Plenty of people talk the talk about being ahead-of-the-curve trailblazers, but very few of them have walked the walk as bravely and consistently as Dr. Eva Agapaki. With a Ph.D. in Machine Learning from MIT / University of Cambridge and over a decade of experience in artificial intelligence and product development, Eva has unmatched expertise in evaluating AI ideas, launching new AI products, and scaling high-growth startups. 

As the Founder & CEO of Hatch Labs, an NYC-based startup focused on AI product management and consulting, Eva uses her expansive experience and diverse technical knowledge to lead the next wave of AI development. On top of her work in industry, she is committed to passing her expertise along. While teaching at the University of Florida, Eva built a $1.5 million research portfolio, validating early-stage ideas and partnering with cross-functional teams. She has received numerous AI leadership awards and is a featured speaker at AI conferences.

Professional Superpower

Eva is equipped with an incomparable range of experience in industry, academia, and startups.

Personal Superpower

Nurturing talent and building relationships is second nature for Eva.

What Drives Eva

The journey of taking an idea from mere concept to market dominance. 

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