Founder & CEO, See & Free Consulting

Jenn's Special Set of Skills

  • DTC / E-Commerce
  • Leadership Development
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Organizational Structure
  • Scaling
  • Strategic Planning

Jenn's Rise

From iconic global businesses to early stage startups, nobody has a clearer understanding of the power of organizational solutions than Jenn. The majority of her 28 year career has been spent as an Organizational Development leader with brands including Best Buy, Motorola, and The Coca-Cola Company, where she led change management for The Coca-Cola System of 850,000 employees across 200 countries. At the other end of the organizational spectrum, Jenn was the OG COO for Dollar Shave Club and Chief Impact Officer at Flexport. 

She uses her nearly three decades of experience to accelerate business’s growth by building and scaling organizational capabilities. Jenn’s clients have anointed her “The Org Whisperer” for her ability to walk into any organization at any stage, quickly assess the landscape, strategize transformational solutions, and galvanize teams to implement those solutions. With a common-sense approach and unmatched experience in the “hot seat,” Jenn sees and frees what’s possible.

Professional Superpower

Decisiveness. When you know you’ll be held accountable for every decision you make, you develop an intimate understanding of the pressures business leaders face.

Personal Superpower

Finding common-sense answers to complicated problems.

What Drives Jenn

Jenn loves every opportunity to clear organizational fog and build stronger foundations rooted in culture and change.

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