Founder & CEO, Hire Breakthrough

Kimone's Special Set of Skills

  • Hiring, Organizational Culture
  • People Management
  • Recruiting & Talent Acquisition
  • Talent Management
  • Thought Leadership

Kimone's Rise

Advising founders and entrepreneurs is Kimone’s true passion. As a career coach, Kimone has over 10 years of experience in HR and operations and has helped numerous companies build stronger and better teams while managing conflict and helping burnt out employees reclaim their valuable time.

With a focus on underrepresentation, Kimone believes that people and teams are the most important investment any business can make, and pushes founders to put people before profits at every turn. Today, as the Founder & CEO of Hire Breakthrough, Kimone is changing the way business leaders think about building teams, whether from the ground up or starting with established roles.

Professional Superpower

Kimone doesn’t believe in the trend of “unicorn hiring.” She’s a realist. And knows that hiring the right people with the right skills is the sure-fire way to build a strong team.

Personal Superpower

She can sniff BS from a mile away and has no problems telling business leaders that they’ve been doing things the wrong way (but that she’s here to help, of course).

What Drives Kimone

Starting a business can be hassle-free, and Kimone wants to advise women founders to recruit diverse talent so they can scale faster and with ease.

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