Kitchen Berg

Founder, EQUIPT

Kodi's Special Set of Skills

  • Balancing Motherhood + Career
  • Brand Innovation + Strategy
  • Product Design + Development
  • Retail Strategy
  • Strategic Planning
  • DTC/E-commerce

Kodi's Rise

After a prior life as a model and soap opera actress, Kodi brought her passion for fitness to life when she invented and patented design-led fitness equipment for the modern human. EQUIPT is now seen in homes, hotels, and gyms worldwide. 

Kodi is a self-described “quintessential scrappy startup founder” who believes that forging your own path is a great one, knowledge is always at the ready, and the combination of knowing your numbers and what you want, mixed with how you want people to feel, is the sweet sauce.

Professional Superpower

Kodi is a Fast Co. Innovation By Design 2021 honoree and was featured in the Vogue September issue “No Pressure Approach To Movement.”

Personal Superpower

Kodi is an innovative founder, having bootstrapped her company from seedling to global titan, all while raising three amazing children.

What Drives Kodi

With no background in business or product design, Kodi’s learning was all “on the job.” She is overjoyed to have the opportunity to connect with others and advise and assist other female founders.

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