Cox (Lisowski)

Founder, Zeist Ventures

Co-Founder, Oars + Alps

Laura's Special Set of Skills

  • CRM Strategy
  • Digital Marketing
  • DTC/E-commerce
  • Establishing KPIs
  • Performance & Growth Marketing
  • GTM Strategy

Laura's Rise

Satisfying a lifelong fascination with data, human behavior, and overall well-being, Laura began her career by achieving an International Master of Finance from the Brandeis Business School, after double majoring in Economics and Psychology in undergrad. 

As a seasoned growth strategist for Fortune 100 companies, Laura’s skills span far across the digital space. After working at Facebook, Digitas, and OgilvyOne, Laura leveraged her experience and ability to co-launch Oars + Alps in 2016, a direct-to-consumer personal care line. Along with her co-founder, Laura has successfully scaled the company to become a nationally known brand, landing in Target and on Amazon. 

Recently, Laura expanded her horizons and partnered with Annie Evans to launch Dream Ventures Accelerator with a mission to empower and uplift female founders. As of today, over 120 founders have graduated and received the knowledge, skills, and etiquette for approaching their first fundraiser. 

Professional Superpower

Laura is a consulting superheroine, advising a handful of DTC startups and successfully assisting multiple companies scale their growth in the online space.

Personal Superpower

With a passion for connection and female empowerment, Laura has helped over 120 female founders raise their first round of funding, with an emphasis on speaking with investors about their KPIs and growth strategies.

What Drives Laura

Laura feels invigorated and energized any time she can discover and meet new female founders to learn about the incredible businesses they’re launching to solve real-world problems.

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