Co-Founder & Partner, AZIONE, LDMA

Leland's Special Set of Skills

  • Balancing motherhood and career
  • Bootstrapping
  • Brand Partnerships
  • Brand Strategy
  • Celebrity Endorsements & Management
  • Community Building
  • Copywriting & Storytelling
  • DTC / E-Commerce
  • Marketing
  • Networking
  • People Management
  • Pitch Anatomy
  • Public Relations
  • Thought Leadership

Leland's Rise

As an LA newbie in 2004, Leland was in a new city with less than a handful of people she could call for networking, advice, or even the occasional happy hour. In just one month, Leland didn’t just land a dream role at Disney with the task of making Mickey Mouse more culturally relevant to a millennial generation — she also forged powerful bonds with new friends and started building a network that she still taps into to this day.

In 2010, Leland co-founded her own creative communications agency, AZIONE, which was recently named as one of Forbes’ top PR agencies in America and has helped build some of today’s most relevant companies. With her expertise in brand voice, creative outlook and distinct methodology for building brand relevancy among key consumer demographics, Leland used insights from her decade-plus of AZIONE to co-found LDMA, an active intimates line for women in 2021, which has been featured in Vogue, Glamour, Fast Company, and Harper’s Bazaar.

Professional Superpower

“Building intuitively from the ground up,” is Leland’s mantra. Both AZIONE and LDMA were built from nothing, and are now both incredibly successful businesses.

Personal Superpower

Action. Leland’s ability to co-lead and balance two businesses, maintain a healthy partnership with her co-founder (and her husband), and be a present mother of two — while pushing herself to keep up with personal growth and self-care — is a mindset and practice she wants even more women to actively work on.

What Drives Leland

Making connections is at the foundation of every successful crossroad in Leland’s career path. She believes in the power of investing in people, and wants to guide women to meet business challenges head-on — and learn how to not only maximize, but also to lean on their networks whenever they need support and empowerment.

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