Co-Founder, Kennedy Ventures

Leslie's Special Set of Skills

  • Investing
  • Investor Sourcing
  • Growth Equity
  • Strategic Planning & Partnerships
  • Balancing Motherhood with Career
  • Founder Coaching

Leslie's Rise

Leslie started her career in corporate finance in NYC and shifted into tech investing and business operations, prior to detouring into hedge funds and motherhood.  The diversity of her resume befuddles conventional thinking and illustrates the fact that unique paths can be both challenging and rewarding. She graduated from Harvard in 1992 with a degree in history and learned corporate finance as a Wall Street analyst at Dillon Read. At 27, Leslie was a publishing research analyst and Managing Director in the world of junk bonds and distressed debt. Using her financial experience and executive skills, she became a VC investor and discovered her passion for supporting founders and accelerating growth.  Leslie then took eight years off to raise her family and eventually returned to work "outside the home" in a new city and a new world, scrapping her way back into investing and advising across multiple asset classes. With recent experience in data science/machine learning, cybersecurity, digital media, telecom, fintech, proptech, edtech, IT services and real estate, Leslie is equipped to help female founders attract capital, build for scale, and chart their own unique paths to a satisfying situation.

Professional Superpower

Getting in front of the right people with the right message

Personal Superpower

Finding the positive in everyone and everything

What Drives Leslie

Leslie is passionate about helping hard-working entrepreneurs and changemakers achieve success

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