Founder, CEO, Author, Podcast Host, glōci

Lori's Special Set of Skills

  • Community Building
  • Bootstrapping
  • Copywriting & Storytelling
  • Podcasting, Public Speaking
  • Product Development
  • Event Production

Lori's Rise

As a top podcast host, best-selling author, and transformational speaker, Lori is no stranger to using her words and experiences to connect with, help, and lead other women. Her podcast, “Earn Your Happy” has exceeded 50 million downloads, and she has used her platform and power to create a multiple 7 figure fitness membership, empowering women across the globe to take charge of their health. 


Lori is the creator of The Bliss Project, founder of glōci , and investor in 7 companies. Additionally, she co-founded Fast Foundations. She’s also been a fitness cover model 11 times over, and is a three-time fitness world champion. 

Professional Superpower

Lori is a networking and sales superstar! To date, she has made over $18 million in network marketing.

Personal Superpower

Community is success in Lori’s book. Not only has she achieved 7 figure status as a business owner, but she has also raised over $2 million from 54 all-female investors.

What Drives Lori

Lori swears by mentors, and is beyond passionate about helping accelerate women’s goals and dreams. We can’t do this life alone, and we weren’t meant to – so Lori strives to make female founders and entrepreneurs feel just a little less alone!

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