Maryam's Special Set of Skills

  • Experience Design 
  • Design Thinking Practitioner 
  • Growth Strategy
  • UI & UX
  • Product Development
  • Entrepreneurial Leadership

Maryam's Rise

Over and over, Maryam has demonstrated that with an “anything is possible” mindset, anything is, in fact, possible. She is an award-winning entrepreneur, educator, and industry practitioner whose career has revolved around sparking innovation and driving positive change. All of these goals were inspired by Maryam’s own journey. After living, working, and studying across four continents, she founded the Innovation Bazar, a global consulting and training firm focused on fostering innovation, growth, and entrepreneurial leadership. 

Maryam’s clients include Fortune 500 firms, universities, nonprofits, startups, incubators, and accelerators. In addition to her mission with the Innovation Bazar, she passionately empowers the next generation of entrepreneurs through her work teaching at NYU and MIT Sloan, among other institutions. As a result of her wide experience, deep expertise, and dedication to craft, Maryam was an inaugural Forbes Women nominee in 2021.

Professional Superpower

Maryam has an uncanny ability to simplify challenges and unlock potential.

Personal Superpower

Persistence and flexibility!

What Drives Maryam

Maryam is always on the hunt for opportunities to generate meaningful impact.

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