Founder, CHOSENWOVEN & Botkier New York

Monica's Special Set of Skills

  • Balancing Motherhood & Career
  • Creative Direction
  • DTC / E-Commerce
  • Business Development
  • Product Manufacturing
  • Sustainability & Eco-Consciousness

Monica's Rise

A true New Yorker, Monica grew up with a passion for the arts. After honing her creative eye in fashion photography, she dove headfirst into entrepreneurship, founding Botkier New York and creating the cult-favorite Trigger handbag. After spending 15 years as President, CEO, and Creative Director, Monica sold and exited the company in order to continue down her path as a pioneer in contemporary accessories, including handbags, shoes, and jewelry. 

Now, Monica is lending her keen eye for style and her commitment to ethical fashion to her newest venture as co-founder of sustainable wool lingerie brand CHOSENWOVEN. Drawing from her years of success in the fashion industry, she infuses CHOSENWOVEN with a distinct blend of elegance and eco-consciousness, redefining the intimate apparel landscape. With her unwavering dedication to craftsmanship and sustainability, Monica’s work with CHOSENWOVEN aims to revolutionize the way we perceive and experience intimate apparel.

Professional Superpower

Building products and brands that stand the test of time.

Personal Superpower

Staying true to what she believes in.

What Drives Monica

Monica is on a mission to inspire a new era of mindful consumption in fashion.

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