General Partner, Emmeline Ventures

Naseem's Special Set of Skills

  • Business Planning
  • Financial Modeling
  • Forecasting
  • GTM Strategy
  • Revenue Growth
  • Scaling

Naseem's Rise

With more than two decades of experience in market development, operations, and business building, Naseem is perfectly positioned to guide other female founders through every stage of funding and growth. Combining an uncanny command of the latest movements in tech, genuine curiosity about the world, and a deep sense of empathy, she is able to support, elevate, and empower the founders she sits next to. 

Using trends and insight to fuel creative solutions, Naseem is committed to breaking cycles and redefining baselines while unlocking new capital to benefit women from a range of backgrounds and demographics. At Emmeline Ventures, she invests in female-founded businesses that are helping women manage their health, build their wealth, and live in a cleaner, safer world. Naseem brings every ounce of her experience to each conversation, cup of coffee, and whiteboard to help founders deliver outsized outcomes and impact.

Professional Superpower

Bringing more ambitious women into the conversation on both sides of the VC table.

Personal Superpower

Relationships are everything.

What Drives Naseem

Naseem is passionate about creating a new kind of ecosystem built around female founders committed to transforming the world they live in.

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