Sustainability Advisor, Radiant Global Advisory

Shila's Special Set of Skills

  • Balancing Motherhood & Career
  • Product Development
  • Sustainability
  • Strategic Planning
  • DE&I
  • Brand Partnerships

Shila's Rise

More than ever, today’s market landscape demands that business leaders discover the bridge between value and values. After building a foundation of experience in the financial services world, Shila sat on the Executive & Leadership team at Sustainalytics – an investment research and rating company that focuses on assessing companies on their environmental, social, and ESG initiatives – for eight years. She was a key member of the group that ultimately led the company through its acquisition by and integration into Morningstar. 

In addition to Shila’s current work as an impact investor and advisor, she is the co-chair of Chefs For Impact, a non-profit committed to furthering education about sustainable food systems in NYC and beyond. Shila is also a member of the Fast Company Impact Council, and she founded the educational platform Sustainable Me!, where she has created a space for people to easily find accessible information about sustainable living.

Professional Superpower

Understanding that sustainability isn’t something you tack on at the last minute – it should be a foundational piece of building your business.

Personal Superpower

Creating the time to indulge in the things that make her happy: traveling, cooking, meditating, and spending time with her family.

What Drives Shila

Whether it’s contributing to a company’s strategic growth or helping them articulate their sustainability story, Shila is passionate about guiding business leaders toward positive impact.

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